About us

By air, by land or by sea, we make it happen!

We build our company culture on Trust, Collaboration, Innovation, Efficiency and Knowledge.
We were born in 1983, and for the past 35 years our vision was to provide you with the best logistics solution and for 35 years we delivered!
With the vast experience of the market coupled with innovation and continuous learning, we were able to become one of the leading logistic service provider in Egypt.
We provide our clients with a full range of logistic services, meeting their every need from A to Z. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and resourcefulness, always finding the logistical solution for every client’s unique demand.
Always being client focused, we never fall short on going the extra mile in providing the optimal value service, balancing between competitive pricing and reliability.
All our operations are abiding and exceeding the ISO standards to ensure our global standard level of service. Being an active member in many powerful and specialized international networks, gives us the global reach and coverage that we always strive for.
We are transforming to a more connected platform for more viewership to our valued customer. Check our new Truck Tracking service.

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