MESCO flexitank service is a reliable and cost-effective for the safe transport of any non-hazardous liquid bulk cargo. Our service also enables you to save time needed to load and unload your cargo. We assist you in everything from selling to fitting.

What is a Flexitank ?

A flexible tank bag made from polyethylene materials that transforms a conventional 20’DV into a safe and efficient marine transportation system of bulk non-hazardous liquids. It has the capacity to transport between 10,000 and 24,000 liters.

What can be transported inside a Flexitank?

Any bulk non-hazardous liquids such as but not limited to:
Foodstuff : Oils, Fats, Juices , Syrups, Food Additives.
Non-Foodstuff: Industrial Oils, Cleaning Liquid, Emulsions, Glycerin, Ink, Fertilizers.
Installation Time: Installation of flexitank in the container takes about 20-30 minutes, after which it is ready for filling the liquid cargo which takes another about 30-40 minutes.

Benefits of Shipping Inside Flexitanks:
Saving Costs:

  • Save the costs associated with loading and unloading compared to drums.
  • Reduce cleaning costs compared to drums.
  • Save packaging costs.
  • Minimization of freight costs as you only pay for one way (to the destination).

100 % Safe : Zero risk of contamination as our flexi-tanks are disposable.
Multimodal Transport: The container can be transported by road, railway or sea.
Faster & Efficient Operations: Consignee/Receiver can unload the cargo quickly and without any losses by using just the pump.

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Sea Freight

We offer cost effective Sea Freight services to all worldwide destinations, enabling you to ship your regular, small and oversized shipments. Also by having agreements with major global carriers we give you greater flexibility in choosing the schedule and transit time that best suits your shipment needs.

Full Container Load ( FCL )

Equipment that suit your needs:
From standard containers to special equipment, you can always find the container that fits with your cargo needs and dimensions.

Key Benefits:

  • Equipment Availability.
  • Door to Door Delivery.
  • All WorldWide Destinations.
  • Competitive Rates.

Less than Container Load ( LCL )

Tailored to meet your small shipments needs:
You no longer have to wait for a full container to send your small shipments as we carefully designed our service to meet all your consolidation needs.

Key Benefits:

  • Direct Services.
  • Shortest Transit Times.
  • Global Coverage.
  • Competitive Rates.
  • Online Track and Trace.
  • Door to Door Delivery.

Reefer Services

We have a huge expertise to handle the challenges related to the perishables industry from timely operations to maintaining the appropriate temperature of your sensitive and delicate cargo during handling, storage and transportation. By using our service, the freshness and quality of your cargo is guaranteed.

Complete Cold Supply Chain Services:

  • Temperature Controlled Transport by Air Freight/Sea Freight/Trucking.
  • Refrigerated Storage & Handling.
  • Customs Clearance Services.
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Air Freight

Fast And Reliable Air Freight Services:
From perishables to spare parts and medicines, you can always rely on our Air Freight services for anything that needs to be shipped fast and efficient. As a global air consolidator, MESCO offers daily departures to all worldwide destinations. Being IATA certified, MESCO Air Freight operations are subject to the IATA standards and regulations.

Key Benefits:

  • In-House Customs Clearance.
  • Door to Door Delivery.
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Road Transport

State of the Art Fleet:
MESCO owns a large fleet of trucks, all our trucks are fully equipped with GPRS system enabling us to monitor and trace your cargo along the journey from pickup to delivery. We have a variety of trucks to accommodate your unique cargo needs, as we transport perishables, oversized, out of gauge, containerized and non-containerized cargo. The size of your cargo is no longer a constraint, by using our trucking services we enable you to ship your small, regular and oversized cargo. Our less than truck load service is a cost effective option for your small shipments.

Service Reliability:
You can always rely on our trucking services, as we carefully select our drivers; we constantly invest in training our drivers and having the latest fleet.

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Liner Agency & Vessel Chartering

MESCO is the local & sole representative of Van Uden Shipping Line in Egypt, a shipping line specialized in the transport of RORO Cargo (wheeled cargo). We have a vast knowledge and experience in the transport and handling of trailers, truck heads, bulldozers, etc.
The privileges of a Shipping Line and the unique capabilities of a logistics services provider, as MESCO can further support with fully integrated logistics services such as: warehousing, customs clearance & trucking services.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Our warehouse facilities are located inside Egypt which enables us to provide you with a variety of warehousing services and even storage options (bonded/non-bonded) depending on your unique needs.

Our Storage Capabilities:

  • All types of containers.
  • LCL Cargo.
  • Dangerous Cargo.
  • Temperature Controlled Cargo.
  • Wheeled Cargo.
  • Chemicals.
  • Break Bulk Cargo.

Our Value Adding Services:

  • Labelling & Packing.
  • Palletizing.
  • Container Cleaning.
  • Inspections & Survey Reports.

Our Depot Services :

  • Storage of Empty Containers.
  • Container repair and renewal.
  • Cleaning of containers.
  • Selling of used Containers for various purposes.
  • Specialist repair, refurbishment, cleaning and pre-tripping of refrigerated containers (Reefers).


On behalf of our clients, we can perform distribution services for the goods stored inside our warehouse facility. Our distribution services can include goods stored inside our warehouse facility or goods which have been collected locally for on-ward delivery.

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Customs Clearance

Proactivity is our philosophy:
Our work is driven by the concept of time is money, especially when it comes to our customs clearance service. Our proactive team will work towards one direction, which is clearing your cargo on time and at the lowest cost possible. We provide import/export clearance services for both sea and air shipments.

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Gain greater efficiency through our multimodal services:
Take the advantage of combining different modes of transport (Air, Ocean & Road Freight) to achieve greater efficiency. Just tell us where you need to send your cargo and our team of experts will do the entire planning, handling and transport from origin till destination. Ensure speed to market & meet your delivery schedules by using our reliable and cost-effective multimodal services.

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Projects Management

MESCO has a huge expertise in managing heavy lift projects. By giving full attention even to the smallest details, we have built a remarkable reputation in project cargo logistics and heavy lift shipments. Whether your cargo is shipped as break bulk, heavy lift or out of gauge, we have the ability to handle your detailed and complex transport logistics needs.

Professional Partners for your large shipments:

Using our project cargo service, you can ship your oversized, over-dimensional and non-containerized cargo anywhere. Our project cargo professionals have the necessary expertise to handle the complexities of planning, handling and transporting oversized and out-of-gauge equipment from origin to destination.

Key Benefits:

  • Entire planning, coordination and execution from origin to destination “Project Management”.
  • Technical Convoys & Telescopic Low Beds.
  • Professional Handling.
  • In-house Customs Clearance.
  • Multimodal Transport. (Sea/Air/Road Transport Services).
  • Greater Transparency & Visibility.
  • Timely & Efficient Operations.

Renewable Energy Projects

MESCO has the knowledge and necessary tools to deal with the volatile demand and complexities of the renewable energy industry from equipment and components to delicate and high tech products. We offer project clients and suppliers (manufacturers) a comprehensive suite of services designed to meet their renewable energy project requirements. Our vast experience, timeliness and diligence in such an industry have enabled us to help and assist our clients in taking control of their projects and, as a result, to better control their project costs. Being supported with an array of advanced technology and professional personnel, we keep a constant check on temperature, humidity, shock alerts to secure the safe transport of your renewable energy project needs.

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