Container Inspection

  • We Check that the condition of the container meets the criteria specified in the lease agreement.
  • We Create a detailed record of the container’s condition, with particular focus on any pre-existing damage or other defects. This is to guard against the lessee being held liable for any damage which occurred before delivery of the container
  • Classify the container as general-cargo, food-grade, or other standard specified by the lessee
  • For reefer containers, we check the machinery and test the motors for bearing noise or leakage, to ensure the operational reliability of the container.

Container Repair

  • We follow standard procedures and guidelines established by IICL5 (Institute of International Container Lessors), and specific customer criteria if required.
  • Our technicians are fully trained  and IICL Certified
  • We only ever use genuine replacement parts approved by the container manufacturer for both reefer and dry container repairs. 
  • Dedicated Quality Control  – Depot Audits, Verification of repair estimates, Post repair inspection
  • Containers repair estimates can be sent electronically (EDI) with photographs for approval
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